What mimic is:

Mimic is a collection of robots, sensors, and programming tools that are simple enough for kids but powerful enough for experts. Our mimicArm is a desktop sized robot arm that can be controlled manually with our revolutionary Posi-Feel force feedback controller (pat. pend.) or automatically with an Arduino or mimicDuino. The open source mimicArm Arduino library allows your Arduino or mimicDuino to interface with mimicArm’s included electronics using simple commands. Less experienced programmers may prefer our graphical programming environment mimicBlock. An add-on to Arduino, mimicBlock allows the programmer to drag and drop commands to create great programs. Our input box and sensor pack bring even more capability, allowing students to program mimicArm to interact with its environment

Why Choose Mimic?

Using a convenient fully assembled desktop sized package makes mimicArm ideal for crowded classrooms, while our 15 level curriculum is unique in robotics education. mimicArm’s bright colors and relatable design make mimicArm approachable for students not normally attracted to technology. Our 15 level program takes students through our intuitive manual controls that offer immediate frustration free results, while higher levels utilize our mimicBlock graphical programming environment and powerful Arduino library, both of which allow students to gradually grow their skills during their k-12 education.  

mimicArm making cookies