World Maker Faire New York 2017

If you've never been to World Maker Faire New York or any of dozens of local faires you should really go!  It's a place like no other, where dragons breath fire, children become robots, and robots make pancakes!

 Heavy Meta Drago

We met the most wonderful people at Maker Faire New York this year, like the folks behind the amazing Volt robot. 

 Of course, robots are sort of our thing, but there's something for everyone, like making your own soap!  Lisa Chouinard delighted children and adults alike by teaching them to make their own soap. 

Maker Spaces and educational institutions were also well represented, and one that really caught our eye was the Sunrise Steam Shack.  They're dedicated to teaching tech and engineering to childhood cancer patients to give them a leg up once they recover.  It's an amazing cause that we plan on helping in the future.


We were also thrilled with the reception mimic and mimicArm got at the show. About halfway through day 1 we learned that mimic was literally on the map!  We were honored to represent the amazing robots around us.  Most exciting of all was a mention in CNET!

As always mimic was fun for everyone.  It's a blast watching kids finally realize they're looking at the back of their own heads!

 We drew a bigger crowed that we ever dreamed and want to thank everyone that stopped by.  Of course, no post about mimic is complete without a dance party!


mimic Dance Party from Brett Pipitone on Vimeo.

Thanks everyone!  See you and Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire next week!


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