Programming Tools

Get started programming your mimic robots here

The Easy Way:

Step 1:


DOWNLOAD for Windows

Use the links above to download Arduino with mimicBlock and libraries already integrated.

Step 2:

Double click the downloaded file from the links above

Drag to your favorite applications folder ("Aplications" in Finder on Mac)

Double Click "Arduino" to get started

The Hard Way:

Step 1:

If you don't have Arduino 1.6.6 or higher,

Arduino IDE download Here

Step 2:

Download the robot.h and robotInputs.h library required for interfacing with the mimicArm controller.  If you're not sure how to install an Arduino library, Arduino has a great set of instructions here.

robot.h Library Download Here

robotInputs.h Library Download Here

inputBox.h is now replaced by robotInputs.h, but is still available here: inputBox.h Library Download Here

Step 3:

Dowload and install Arduino 1.6 or later before installing mimicBlock.  You can download Arduino here

mimicBlock BETA download here

To install mimicBlock, uncompress the above file into the "tools" folder of your sketchbook folder (documents/Arduino by default on mac).  If you don't have a "Tools" folder, find your "sketchbook" folder.  To find your sketchbook folder open the Arduino IDE and select "Arduino" in the top menu bar, then select "Preferences". Your sketchbook folder will be listed there.  Navigate to this location and find the "tools" folder, or if you don't have one create a folder called "tools".  Enter your "tools" folder and uncompress to this location.  A new folder will have been created with your mimicBlock tool in it.




To open mimicBlock open the Arduino IDE and select "Tools" from the top menu bar.  mimicBlock should appear in the menu.

finding mimicBlock