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Classroom Exercises - No Robot Required

Program your Classmate

A great way to introduce coding without intimidating computer interfaces.  Program you classmate with simple printed cards.

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Another great example for groups of four or less is the board game Robot Turtles

Lessons and Curriculum

These example lessons and curriculum are a part of our 15 level k-12 curriculum, currently in development.  Each level is designed for a 9 week class, and can be adjusted to any length or level.

Curriculum Summary and Levels

Level 1 Outline

Teacher Lead 1 - Level 1

Teacher Lead Intro - Middle/High School

mimicArm spec sheet


History Of Robotics

Check back often for more history of robotics articles.  These articles supplement our  other educational resources.

Mechanical Computing - 1600's to 1800's

The First Mechanical Calculator and the Computer Revolution of the 1600's

Ada Lovelace and the Invention of Code

What do Analog and Digital Mean?

The Clockwork Age - 1800's

Robots of the 20th Century

Where Does the Word Robot Come From?