digiRacer - Level 1
digiRacer - Level 1
digiRacer - Level 1
digiRacer - Level 1
digiRacer - Level 1

digiRacer - Level 1

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digiRacer - Level 1
Basic Computational Thinking for Novice Programmers
3rd Grade and Up
Student Objective:
Through the use of coding two commands which demonstrate that steering values correspond to physical sensors, students will learn computational thinking.
Kit Contents and Construction:
digiRacer is designed for maximum construction flexibility, allowing students to invent and they build. No two digiRacers will ever be alike!
  • All required hardware (screws, nuts, etc.) for multiple possible configurations
  • Base, Body, Wheels and Axles
  • All electronics and wiring
  • Servo and Servo Links
  • Instructions (online)
  • Software (online) and USB cable
Available Separately:
  • Tools, Battery, Computer
Programming and Software
Students fill-in-the-blanks on two simple graphical commands. Inputs correspond directly to digiRacer electronic hardware, so students can easily visualize their programs.

Build instructions: CLICK HERE

Challenge Mats: CLICK HERE

Programming Software: CLICK HERE

Programming Experiments: CLICK HERE

Programming Command Quick Reference: CLICK HERE

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