grabAndDrop GIF

A complex action accomplished with simple commands.  This example takes a block from the user and drops it in a bowl.  Experiment by changing the robotMove values and the robotGrab values to see how it affects the robots actions.  What values do you need for heavy and light items?

Commands Used



Download GrabAndDrop.ino for Arduino

Download GrabAndDrop.abp for mimicBlock

Cut and paste code:

#include <robot.h>    //Tell your arduino to go get the custom mimicArm code
void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
  robotActivate();  //Tell the robot that Arduino will be sending it commands

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
  robotMode(arduino);  //Put the robot in Arduino command mode

  robotMove(1,50);  //move base to one side
  robotMove(2,127);   //Put the robots 'shoulder' in a natural position  
  robotMove(3,127);   //Put robot 'elbow' at in a natural position
  delay(1000);       //wait 1 second for everything to move
  //Now reach out and grab
  robotMove(2,110);   //reach forward slightly
  robotGrab(100);    //grab fairly tightly (127 is max)
  delay(2000);       //wait 2 seconds to grab
  //now move to bucket
  robotMove(3,127);   //Put the robots 'shoulder' in a natural position  
  delay(500);       //wait .5 second for everything to move
  robotMove(1,200);  //move robot to oposite side
  delay(500);       //wait .5 second for everything to move
  //move to drop position
  delay(500);       //wait .5 seconds for everything to move
  //drop block
  robotGrab(-60);   //light opening force on gripper
  delay(3000);      //wait 30 seconds before repeating
  robotGrab(0);     //turn off gripper to save motor