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What is mimicArm?

mimicArm manual modemimicArm is the easy to build, easy to use programmable robot that grows with your ability.  It's a great choice everyone, from robot novice to veteran programmer.  Thanks to our intuitive manual mode children as young as 5 are able to use mimicArm immediately.  Never programmed before? No problem!  When you're ready, our simple yet powerful programming software gradually eases you into programming concepts and our pre-programmed experiments start simple to guide you every step of the way.  The experiments incrementally increase in complexity until you're able to program using genuine C code, just like the professionals.  Want to pick up delicate objects without breaking them?  mimicArm can do that.  Want to record and playback a dance?  mimicArm can do that.  Need a shop assistant to hold your soldering iron?  mimicArm can do that too.  Add our available accessories and even more possibilities emerge.

Our Educational Robot Kit, available pre-assembled or build yourself!

mimicArm Deluxe Kit

Our mimicArm kit is designed for easy assembly. Using the included wrench, screwdriver, and hex key you can fully assembly your mimicArm in a couple hours (younger users will need an adult’s help). The kit includes all parts, fasteners, and tools needed. No soldering or other special skills are required. Building stuff not your thing? Order your mimicArm fully assembled and start learning immediately!

mimcArm Gives Immediate, Frustration Free Results!

mimicArm Grabs BlockWhile mimicArm offers great programming opportunities, it's built in software works right out of the box. As soon as your build is finished you can start using mimicArm in MANUAL mode. Just plug the robot in and mimicArm will mimic the users movements. mimicArm’s grippers utilize patent pending Posi-Feel technology, which allow you to feel what mimicArm feels and control the gripper’s force. This not only provides intuitive feel, reducing operator frustration, but also allows the user to manipulate a variety of objects, from heavy to very fragile.

An Educational Robot You Can Program!

mimicBlock ExamplemimicBlock is our specially designed programming environment for mimicArm.  It's designed for beginner programmers starting at age 5. The drag-and-drop environment is similar to other programming curricula commonly used in classrooms and STEAM camps across the country, so not only will a student's school experience help them with mimicArm, mimicArm will give students a big head start in the classroom.


mimicArm Grows With the User’s Ability!

mimicArm is the only k-12 educational robot available. mimicArm leverages the popular Arduino microcontrollers and programming environment for near infinite expandability as the user’s abilities grow. Want to make mimicArm remote controlled? Use the remote included in our inputBox! Want to record and playback you motions? Use the inputBox microSD card! Want mimicArm to detect and move blocks? Use our IR Distance Sensor! Check out our Experiments Page for examples. Using these capabilities you can take mimicArm from a simple manually controlled robot all the way to an artificial intelligence machine capable of decision making and human interaction.


How To Get Started:

Getting started is easy, just order our kit or assembled robot and you’re off and running. When you’re ready to start programming simply download our programming software.  Visit our experiments page to start programming. Have fun, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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